Project Summary

Description of Work

Grass Barbers gardeners was on a typical garden maintenance project in Surrey, South Croydon CR2. Garden owners are young, busy family, which spend most of their days at work and dedicate spare time for children and family fun. Our business is structured towards helping and providing support for professional families helping them with important house keeping tasks and gardening happens to be one of them.

Our gardening team began visit by cutting the overgrown grass. Grass cutting actually involves knowledge as it must be cut instead of sheared off. We checked our blades, to make sure they are blade sharp, set lawn mower cutting height to highest level for the first cut, then gradually cut down all the grass whilst reducing height during a total of 4 cuts. We also changed the cutting direction each time. Areas around plants, flower beds and hard surfaces were strimmed using powerful petrol strimmer. The dead leaves of phormiums and cordylines were removed and plant stems tidied up.

Weeds have taken over the gravel, pavement and driveway areas, so we used weed killer and this was sprayed by our PA1/PA6 licensed operative to prevent regeneration at later stages. Overgrown grass used all of the nutrients and made lawn looking exhausted, therefore some urgent fertiliser application, aeration and watering was required to turn it back into a green and healthy lawn.

This garden was medium size and landscaping features included: lawn, shrub beds, raised flower beds, ornamental water feature, patios, block paving driveway and rockery front garden.

Garden was now prepared for planned children party next weekend.

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