Are you looking for garden clearance services?

No matter where you are in London or Surrey we will convert your jungle into a peaceful paradise.

For many busy urban families in London, garden is the most difficult part of home to keep up with. Due to extremely active lifestyle, busy work schedules or growing children it can be difficult to allocate spare time for your garden care. That’s where Grass Barbers jungle clearance service comes in to offer a complete peace of mind to you and your family. By hiring a local, personal gardening company, you can be sure your beloved plants and grass will be in safe hands.

Our directly employed local gardeners is our main reason for success. Grass Barbers is not involved into outsourcing meaning we can monitor and maintain standards directly to ensure same service delivered every time and on-time. Armoured with latest powerful and professional garden care equipment we come to make your garden better and share tips how to keep it that way. From overgrown brambles to ivy issues, if you are in London or Surrey we will get your garden sorted for that weekend or special event.

Need garden clearance services before the weekend party or simply want to start enjoying the great outdoors?

What are your options when you need garden to be cleared?


  • You won’t need to search for a gardener
  • You don’t have to be at home to manage a contractor
  • You will likely learn new skills
  • You might save some money
  • The exercise might be a benefit to health


  • The cost might be higher due to new tools required
  • You might require additional knowledge and training
  • If you new to machinery you might endanger surroundings
  • Physical labour might be too strenuous for you
  • Green waste will have to be removed after work


  • They could be easy to find as most of them work through leads
  • Could be recommended, tried and tested by a neighbour or a friend
  • They might live somewhere local or even next door
  • Most likely will promise and will try to do everything asked


  • Without actual brand behind them every customer is worth just the amount of money
  • Potentially risky to trust with higher sums of money due to no legal ties to jobs
  • Lack of liability insurances in case of property damage or even serious issues
  • Risk of personal matters could prevent from consistent work
  • Lack of training and licences to carry waste, which could be discarded illegally


  • Professional appearance, reliable and punctual attitude towards every job
  • Fully trained, experienced and passionate gardens, from local community
  • Tried and tested procedures with clear plans and quality control strategies
  • Fully licensed to carry waste as well as fully insured staff and client property
  • Member of various associations, such as BALI, Checkatrade, etc.
  • Ability to express your opinion in case of unsatisfactory service through reviews onlin
  • Safe, secure and fully documented paperwork including multiple payment methods
  • 15 point garden clearance visit completion checklist used by operative on-site


  • Might be a bit more expensive due to contributions to government taxes

Everyone has a price…

How much does garden clearance cost?

Many of gardening tasks do not require extensive knowledge and everyone knows that. That’s why we try to keep our prices approachable and standards high. This constant balance allowed us to build a business and ensure it will prosper. A typical gardener you will come around will be a self-employed, non-uniformed chap driving a white van… Grass Barbers is here to change that. You might end up spending a tiny bit more with us, however you can be sure you will contribute to employment of local people, government tax contributions and most importantly we won’t go bankrupt and will be able to help you maintain your garden for years to come.

Our complete garden clearance services start at just £51.55 per hour. Typical visit might take few hours, however we’ll do the best we can to advise you how many hours you need to clear that garden. If you’re tight on the budget just tell us how many hours you can afford and we’ll do the best we can during that time.

We come and we do the work…

What typically happens during a visit?

  • Gardeners will cut the grass at the front and back gardens
  • Messy hedges will be trimmed away from access paths and pavings
  • We will remove and diseased and dead wood to keep your garden healthy
  • Flowerbeds will be hand-weeded to provide space for seasonal flower planting
  • Staff will even power jet wash hard surfaces to avoid slippery
  • We will shape your shrubs and trees to allow more sunshine
  • All that creeping ivy will be removed to prevent damage to building and fences
  • We will turn over soil around shrub beds to control weeds and promote healthy plan root system

Looking for reliable garden clearance services in London or Surrey?