Looking for garden maintenance services?

In current fast-paced London climate many urban families have hard time to keep up with garden maintenance routines. Guess what? You don’t have to! Enjoy life and allow us to do the work for you.

Active lifestyle usually means that one very important part of your home, your garden, slips out of control and fast growing shrubs overtakes your garden. This in turn attracts foxes and potentially causes further health and safety issues for your back garden.

Our garden maintenance service is designed to be a complete peace of mind solution when it comes to that little paradise at the back of your house. Initial garden clearance service is great to get you back on track for the season, however regular maintenance is the key to keep it healthy and save money long term by avoiding overgrown clearance.

Our regular garden maintenance services are used by tenants, private homeowners, landlords and housing management agencies. We always aim to innovate how to carry out our services more efficiently and transfer those savings to clients. Some garden owners just want basic grounds maintenance for cheapest possible price and we accomplish that leveraging our expertise in public sector, as it allows us to carry out garden maintenance with basic standards.

Employing local, passionate garden ninjas to maintain urban gardens we always make sure only trained and reliable people visit your property during any weather, any season.

Looking for reliable and consistent garden maintenance services in London or Surrey?

What to consider when looking for garden maintenance services?


  • Availability to carry out garden maintenance any day of the week including weekend
  • Gardening is proven to be beneficial to physical and mental health
  • Potential to save money if you already own gardening tools
  • Your spouse will think better of you


  • Takes time away from already busy schedule, which you could be spending with family or at work
  • Regular garden care will mean you need to also maintain your tools and supplies
  • Requires knowledge about particular health and safety regulations
  • You might need to buy or build a shed to store all that gardening equipment
  • Lack of horticultural experience might mean some plants could be damaged


  • They typically have low hourly rates, which could be short term money saving option
  • They might be will be willing to work during a rain or even storm
  • You will feel emotionally satisfied by providing a source of income for a local community member
  • Due to lack of work they might be able to show up at short notice for one-off jobs


  • Lack of insurance policies means in case of accident you will be liable yourself
  • Some even bring their own pets onto your property during the job
  • Their machinery is usually not well maintained due to lack of standards
  • Usually does not listen to your instructions and prefers to work to their own ideas
  • With bigger projects usually overcommits and could disappear before ending the job


  • Professional appearance, reliable and punctual attitude towards every job
  • Fully trained, experienced and passionate gardens, from local community
  • Tried and tested procedures with clear plans and quality control strategies
  • Fully licensed to carry waste as well as fully insured staff and client property
  • Member of various associations, such as BALI, Checkatrade, etc.
  • Ability to express your opinion in case of unsatisfactory service through reviews online
  • Safe, secure and fully documented paperwork including multiple payment methods
  • 15 point garden clearance visit completion checklist used by operative on-site
  • Live reporting and tracking systems in place to allow you more control


  • Might be a bit more expensive due to contributions to government taxes
  • Not always willing to undercut other competitors by completing work at lower standards
  • All that extra free time means you will have to do something useful
  • You might feel compelled to go online and leave an awesome review

It comes at a price…

Is garden maintenance expensive in London?

We live local and we work local. Servicing local garden owners all around South London and Surrey was our goal from the early beginning, so we created several packages tailored to take regular care of your garden.

Depending on your garden type, size and requirements we will set you up with extremely affordable garden maintenance package starting at just £51.55. The aim is to leave every single garden we look after a hassle free environment for our clients at affordable price.

Unlike our competitors we concentrate on building a long term relationships with our local garden owners to help them maintain the great outdoors through regular light touches that don’t cost too much. This is great long term as it prevents you spending a large amount of money to clear that heavily overgrown jungle.

We come and we do the maintenance…

What typically happens during a visit?

  • Grass will be cut to no more than 1/3 of the plant to promote healthy growth
  • We’ll collect all litter and leaves from landscape areas including hedges
  • Plants will be shaped to horticultural standards
  • All open soil areas will be hand weeded to give it that tidy appearance and help plant root systems
  • We will check your garden areas for invasive weed including Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed and Himalayan Balsam
  • All your plants will be fed on regular basis to ensure they are adapting well to climate changes during seasons
  • Planting areas will be checked for brambles, ivy and controlled if needed

Looking for reliable garden maintenance services in London or Surrey?