Project Summary

Description of Work

This project is just one of the great examples of work that Grass Barbers completes for a property development & management organisation in London. Our gardening ninjas need to travel to the site at least 2 – 3 times a week. As all of our teams work to manuals, which were created to meet specific site requirements, one of the first things to do is to sign in at the concierge desk, then the team leader signs into on-site contractors register book. It allows him to collect the key fob, which is required to access all areas.

Many new builds in London have parking area is located in the basement, the team has to prepare all the required tools and equipment downstairs. It allows us to protect shiny marble floors and bright carpets inside the building. We carry all of our machinery using four-wheel trollies. Produced waste is cleared out of the building using wheelie bins via the elevator. Decisions behind the wheel operated transporting is based on interior protection, reduced physical lifting for gardeners and time-efficient operations. Podium gardens are designed to attract residents living in the Urban environment to spend some time outdoors. During each visit, gardeners make sure all litter is collected carefully, to improve the site look and protect the environment. River Thames is a few hundred feet away from the site; we don’t want to get litter flying into the river and polute it. Gardeners use biodegradable litter bags during the litter patrol operations, carefully collect all plastic, glass, paper and metal items found on amenity grounds. The next and one of the more critical jobs is lawn mowing, depending on the time of the year we cut 1-2 times a week, this works well along with the much-needed irrigation system, which keeps the grass and plants watered when and where needed. We avoid using strimmer, due to low-level window panels, which could get damaged during strimmer operations. Hedge cutting, weeding, shrub pruning is carried out at least once every week, what promotes healthy plant establishment and maintain the best possible shape. Podium gardens tend to have moss issues, declining and dying plants, also other wind and water-logging created garden problems. We operate an ongoing site inspection and reporting to make sure residents and our clients receive the best possible gardening services, and grounds look at its best.

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