Weed Control Services in London and Surrey

Allowed your garden to let it’s hair down? Need to get it sorted before your mother-in-law comes to visit? Give one less reason to complain about… Get that garden sorted.

What is weed?! – It is a wild plant, which grows where it is not particularly wanted to be competitive with cultivated plants. Over the years of being involved in garden clearance we noticed that once you see weeds spiralling out of control at the back of your house it is usually a tell-tale sign of lack of time to maintain your greenery. It might be a good thing as you probably decided to spend more time with family, improve your health or simply pursue your career. We say it’s time for some garden maintenance!

All Grass Barbers major services, including lawn care involves some sort of option for weed control. Good news is that all our teams are well experienced and NPTC PA1/PA6 licensed specialists to clear your little wild meadow. The target is not only eliminate these invasive weeds but also to prevent them from growing back for up to 9 months.

Controlling weeds on local councils all throughout South London forced us to come up with cost-effective and environmentally safe solution to control this great enemy of humanity – WEEDS! Once approved by public offices we then transferred our expertise to private clients, which now means everyone who hires Grass Barbers benefits from corporate grade service at very cost-effective pricing.

There are various methods to remove weed, including elimination using heat, herbicides, mechanical pulling, foam solutions and good old hand weeding. Don’t let that weed spread  into cracks and crevices of  hard surfaces as removing it at smaller scale will save you and your building contractor money in the longer run. For peace of mind we also offer mulch application service, which prevents weed growth and protects plant root systems during dry and cold weather conditions.

Give your garden a once over with our quick lawn care services all around London and Surrey!

Can you do weed control yourself? The options…


  • Ability to carry out weed control any day of the week including weekend
  • Some domestic weed killer solutions can be purchased off the shelf
  • You can simply ignore the weeds and live if the jungle #tarzanlife
  • You can pretend they’re watering plants and allow them to spread out of control


  • You might need special gear as some weeds are harmful to touch
  • You might cause damage to surrounding plants without correct sprayer techniques
  • Having access to domestic weed killer only you might struggle to eliminate all weeds
  • Woody weeds might cause damage to your building structure if left uncontrolled
  • You might require additional knowledge to identify weeds from garden plants


  • Might work for variable, sometimes cheaper rate
  • They typically have low hourly rates, which could be short term money saving option
  • They might be will be willing to work during a rain or even storm
  • They might come in brand spanking 4×4 to leave a good impression
  • Due to lack of work they might be able to show up at short notice for one-off jobs


  • Lack of certifications and knowledge might do more harm than good meaning they will use herbicides available to yourself as well
  • Some even bring their own pets onto your property during the job
  • Their machinery is usually not well maintained due to lack of standards
  • Usually does not listen to your instructions and prefers to work to their own ideas
  • With bigger projects usually overcommits and could disappear before ending the job
  • You will most likely have to monitor them during work as they aren’t really a respectable business with brand awareness behind it
  • Your green waste might end up at the end of the road or somewhere else except the recycling centre
  • Leave easy-spreading invasive weed, such as Japanese Knotweed, on other parts of your garden


  • Professional appearance, reliable and punctual attitude towards every job
  • Fully trained, experienced and passionate gardens, from local community
  • Tried and tested procedures with clear plans and quality control strategies
  • Fully licensed (PA1/PA6) and NPTC trained as well as fully insured staff and client property
  • Knowledgeable when it comes to using industrial grade weed killers and best methods for particular weed species
  • Member of various associations, such as BALI, Checkatrade, etc.
  • Ability to express your opinion in case of unsatisfactory service through reviews online
  • Safe, secure and fully documented paperwork including multiple payment methods
  • 15 point garden clearance visit completion checklist used by operative on-site
  • Live reporting and tracking systems in place to allow you more control
  • During every visit your grass will be cut to no more than 1/3 of grass plant to promote healthy growth


  • Might be a bit more expensive due to contributions to government taxes
  • Not always willing to undercut other competitors by completing work at lower standards
  • All that extra free time means you will have to do something useful
  • You might feel compelled to go online and leave an awesome review
  • Won’t get involved in odd jobs like fence restoration or shed roof repair
  • You might become addicted to Grass Barbers services

Invasive plants law

Invasive weed control and risks?

There are many various plants, which cause major problems due to their rapid growth and spread. Some of the most popular services we carry out are Japanese Knotweed control, Giant Hogweed chemical treatment and Himalayan Balsam removal. These types of invasive weeds are particularly difficult to control and require specialist training, knowledge and experience.

Identifying, controlling and disposal of invasive weed can not only be harmful to your garden but also to gardeners without personal protective equipment, therefore we always recommend to use at chemical gloves and full face protection during any chemical weed removal.

According to current UK laws you must control invasive weed from spreading into the wild or onto your neighbour’s property from your land. Failure to do so might cost you a fine of up to £5000 or even up to 2 years in prison.

How does weed control service work…

What typically happens during a visit?

  • Careful site inspection including photographic evidence for evaluation
  • Team concentrates on identifying areas with invasive weed and determine the best strategy to get them removed
  • In case of herbicide application, all solutions are delivered using certified vehicles and wearing proper PPE
  • Weed removal work is carried out which includes:
    • Invasive plant elimination
    • Regrowth prevention strategy
  • All the clippings and removed weeds are taken away to government approved recycling centre

Looking for reliable weed control services in London or Surrey?