Grass Cutting and Mowing Services in London and Surrey

Just need grass to be cut before that weekend? No worries! We’ll come in, we’ll cut it and we’ll be good at it!

One of the jobs that really is essential to keep your garden looking nice and tidy is getting that lawn mowed regularly. We, at Grass Barbers, understand that most of the people in London or Surrey have better things to do in life than grind at their grass cutting chores every week.

We worked hard to come up with simple and cheap service plan to keep London lawns green and owners with a little more time to spare. Our garden grass cutting ninjas are fully trained specialists when it comes to lawn care and will ensure at then end of each service your garden looks neat and presentable

Whether you have a little party, family gathering or one your little one’s birthday coming up, we’re pretty sure you have more important errands than taking your mower out and having a go at this overgrown grass. Then don’t forget the waste clearance and machinery maintenance… Let’s be honest that boot sale electric mower is more of a stress inducing machine than the right tool for the job.

Based in South London, Mitcham we make sure all our trips to and from our clients short, so we spend most of our time caring for your lawns to overdeliver on those expectations. For us nothing comes more satisfactory than a smell of freshly cut grass and dark green stripes at the end of each visit.

Give your lawn a makeover with our quick and cheap lawn care services all around London and Surrey!

Should you cut your grass yourself or hire someone? The options…


  • Availability to carry out garden maintenance any day of the week including weekend
  • Gardening is proven to be beneficial to physical and mental health
  • Potential to save money if you already own gardening tools
  • Your spouse will think better of you
  • Don’t have to spend time by looking for a reliable gardener


  • Takes time away from already busy schedule, which you could be spending with family or at work
  • Regular garden care will mean you need to also maintain your tools and supplies
  • Requires knowledge about particular health and safety regulations
  • You might need to buy or build a shed to store all that gardening equipment
  • Lack of horticultural experience might mean some plants could be damaged
  • Your car will smell like a pit from carrying all that green waste to recycling centre


  • Huge choice everywhere, easily reachable any time of day via mobile number
  • They typically have low hourly rates, which could be short term money saving option
  • They might be will be willing to work during a rain or even storm
  • They might come in brand spanking 4×4 to leave a good impression
  • Due to lack of work they might be able to show up at short notice for one-off jobs
  • If you ask them to fix your fence or change a lightbulb, they most likely will have a go at it (even if they have never done it before)


  • Lack of insurance policies means in case of accident you will be liable yourself
  • Some even bring their own pets onto your property during the job
  • Their machinery is usually not well maintained due to lack of standards
  • Usually does not listen to your instructions and prefers to work to their own ideas
  • With bigger projects usually overcommits and could disappear before ending the job
  • You will most likely have to monitor them during work as they aren’t really a respectable business with brand awareness behind it
  • Your green waste might end up at the end of the road or somewhere else except the recycling centre


  • Professional appearance, reliable and punctual attitude towards every job
  • Fully trained, experienced and passionate gardens, from local community
  • Tried and tested procedures with clear plans and quality control strategies
  • Fully licensed to carry waste as well as fully insured staff and client property
  • Member of various associations, such as BALI, Checkatrade, etc.
  • Ability to express your opinion in case of unsatisfactory service through reviews online
  • Safe, secure and fully documented paperwork including multiple payment methods
  • 15 point garden clearance visit completion checklist used by operative on-site
  • Live reporting and tracking systems in place to allow you more control
  • During every visit your grass will be cut to no more than 1/3 of grass plant to promote healthy growth


  • Might be a bit more expensive due to contributions to government taxes
  • Not always willing to undercut other competitors by completing work at lower standards
  • All that extra free time means you will have to do something useful
  • You might feel compelled to go online and leave an awesome review
  • Won’t get involved in odd jobs like fence restoration or shed roof repair
  • You might become addicted to Grass Barbers services

It comes at a price…

Is grass cutting expensive in London and Surrey?

Whether you require a one-off grass cutting service in London or routine weekly grass mowing service in Surrey we are here to help at an affordable price. Each garden is individual and we price according to how complicated and big it is, however, to give you an idea use our get a quote page, where you can also book a gardening visit.

You might ask why such an odd price… It’s because we believe in saving every penny for our clients and by making our services more efficient through constant innovations we continue decreasing our prices even it means 10p at the time.

Other gardening companies round prices up to make more profits and we want to be as efficient as possible whilst keeping our profit margins tight to allow natural business growth and innovation. Hiring Grass Barbers for grass cutting service you can be sure you get the best value for your money every time.

How does grass cutting service work…

What typically happens during a visit?

  • Careful site inspection including photographic evidence for evaluation
  • Team concentrates on litter and debris removal to prevent property damage and injuries
  • All grass areas are strimmed around objects, steep banks and other hard to access areas
  • To deliver cost-effective service we use variety of grass cutting equipment, such as ride-on and zero-turn mowers
  • Depending on areas and usage or grass we either collect the mulch from grass arisings or leave it on top
  • All surrounding areas including shrub/flower beds and hard surfaces swept and cleared
  • We monitor and inspect lawn condition with advice how to water and feed it

Looking for reliable grass cutting services in London or Surrey?