Lawn Care and Treatment Services in London and Surrey

Have an issue with dead grass, moss, thatch or building work debris left your garden in need of a lawn care? We will get it back to life. Fast and cost-effective!

Heavy “London Clay” soil, climate changes, busy lifestyle and overgrown grass is usually quite an ideal environment for all those unwanted creatures to flourish in our London’s back gardens and lawns. Moss, lawn diseases and excessive weeds are only few of the most common issues we encounter during our lawn care services. That’s why our professional teams at Grass Barbers offer one-stop solution if you need to get your lawn looking fresh again. From grass cutting to seasonal lawn feeding and complete lawn regeneration services we are ready to come to the rescue.

Most of the garden we inspect in London and Surrey usually require simple attention, which isn’t that expensive comparing to laying a completely new turf. Over the years our gardeners became experts in scarification, lawn aeration and over-seeding in order to save our customers money and get their lawns looking fresh again.

We offer FREE inspection and lawn care evaluation service. During this advisory visit we will come up with the most cost-effective solution to your lawn problems. By getting to the very bottom of the problem we always aim to eliminate the root causes first and then implement cost-effective service to get your garden back to green, healthy looking paradise.

Since 2007 our teams have:

  • repaired thousands of square meters of lawns
  • used hundreds of kilograms of grass seeds
  • applied tonnes of top dressing for lawn drainage improvements
  • removed tonnes of lawn thatch and dead moss
  • laid hundreds of gardens with new turf
  • made a lot of London and Surrey garden families happy

Give your lawn a refresh with our quick and cheap lawn care services all around London and Surrey!

Should you carry lawn care yourself or hire someone? The options…


  • Raking is proven to be beneficial to physical and mental health
  • Potential to save money if you already own metal rake and fork
  • Your spouse will think better of you
  • Don’t have to spend time by looking for a reliable gardener


  • Takes time away from already busy schedule, which you could be spending with family or at work
  • Regular lawn care will mean you need to also maintain your tools and supplies
  • Requires knowledge about particular health and safety regulations
  • You might need to buy or build a shed to store all that gardening equipment
  • Lack of horticultural knowledge might mean lawn could be damaged
  • Your car will smell like a pit from carrying all that green waste to recycling centre, which might add up to 500 – 1000 kg.


  • Huge choice everywhere, easily reachable any time of day via mobile number
  • They typically have low hourly rates, which could be short term money saving option
  • They might be will be willing to work during a rain or even storm
  • Due to lack of work they might be able to show up at short notice for one-off jobs
  • If you ask them to fix your fence or change a lightbulb, they most likely will have a go at it (even if they have never done it before)


  • Lack of insurance policies means in case of accident you will be liable yourself
  • Non-existent PA1/PA6 certification for weed control
  • Some even bring their own pets onto your property during the job
  • Their machinery is usually not well maintained due to lack of standards
  • Usually does not listen to your instructions and prefers to work to their own ideas
  • Lack of experience and knowledge might cause damage to surrounding plants
  • Your green waste might end up at the end of the road or somewhere else except the recycling centre


  • Professional appearance, reliable and punctual attitude towards every job
  • Fully trained, experienced and passionate gardens, from local community
  • Tried and tested procedures with clear plans and quality control strategies
  • Fully licensed to carry waste as well as fully insured staff and client property
  • Member of various associations, such as BALI, Checkatrade, etc.
  • Ability to express your opinion in case of unsatisfactory service through reviews online
  • Safe, secure and fully documented paperwork including multiple payment methods
  • 15 point garden clearance visit completion checklist used by operative on-site
  • Only tested and approved chemical, which are accessible to licensed legal weed control providers
  • During every visit your grass will be cut to no more than 1/3 of grass plant to promote healthy growth


  • Might be a bit more expensive due to contributions to government taxes
  • Not always willing to undercut other competitors by completing work at lower standards
  • All that extra free time means you will have to do something useful
  • You might feel compelled to go online and leave an awesome review
  • Won’t get involved in odd jobs like fence restoration or shed roof repair
  • You might become addicted to Grass Barbers services

From our experience…

Need advice on lawn care in London and Surrey?

On some occasions your lawn might only require our advice and implementation of correct grass mowing methods. In some cases the garden usually needs quick moss and weed killer applications, however we are also able to advise with a long term lawn treatment plan.

The mission we had since the very beginning of Grass Barbers lawn care services is to help and support the greenest and largest part of your garden – your lawn.

Lawn appearance shows the real situation in your garden. Some gardeners cannot recognise weeds within borders or think shrubs should be as tall as they are. All our gardening ninjas understand that unpleasant lawn experience is easily noticeable by your friends or even nosy neighbours. We always inform London gardeners to get lawn treated before it turn into wild flower meadow overtaken by moss and weeds.

How does lawn care service work…

What typically happens during a visit?

  • Any service starts with chemical or manual weed removal – we never leave perennial weeds in soil prior to starting scarification process
  • We cut the the grass in few different directions to very low level
  • Dead grass, moss, thatch is removed and old grass is severed using fixed blade lawn scarifier to encourage new growth
  • Using large petrol lawn hollow tine solid aerator we punch holes into soil to improve drainage and break up heavy soil
  • New grass is seeded by selecting correct mixture of seeds according to garden requirements
  • Top dressing is spread across the lawn and raked evenly to improve drainage and soil conditions

Looking for reliable lawn care services in London or Surrey?