Frequently Asked Questions


    • Why don’t you do a one-off clearance? Most of the work required to be completed cannot be done in a single visit, such as weed-killer application, lawn recovery, etc. It also works out cheaper for our customers to spread their garden maintenance over multiple visits rather than part with a considerable sum of money on a single clearance visit.
    • Why should I choose subscription over one-off clearance? Your garden will look its best all year round, you will end up paying less money overall, and you won’t need to deal with the headache of constantly making decisions about when and by whom to get your garden cleared.


    • How do I order a subscription? All you have to do is email us your full name, address, frequency and how many hours would you like the visit to last.
    • What is the pricing? We charge per hour at a standard rate of £65 + VAT. So it depends on how many hours you order.
    • What kind of frequency can I choose? We offer weekly, fortnightly and every four weeks visits.
    • How do I know how many hours will I need? You can email us pictures of your garden and describe what would you like to be done so that we can get back to you with advice.
    • How can get I get someone to come and evaluate my site? Unfortunately, we do not offer evaluation site visits; please email us pictures and requests so that we can reply to you.
    • What is the minimum amount of visits I need to commit? You would have to order at least six visits to start a subscription.
    • What details do you need to start? All you have to do is email us your full name, address, frequency and how many hours would you like the visit to last.
    • When can the first subscription visit be? Once you email us your details, we will let you know the availability for the season.
    • What kind of access do you need? We need direct and unattended access to your garden area; we do not service through-the-house-access gardens.
    • What kind of work will happen during a visit? Litter collection, grass cutting, strimming, lawn edging, shrub pruning, hedge trimming, weed control, leaf clearance, lawn rejuvenation, watering, plant feeding, hard surface maintenance, and green waste removal.
    • Do you collect produced waste? All waste produced by us is removed and included in the subscription price.


    • Can I call you? How do I get in touch with you? You can call us and leave us a voicemail using our automated system so that we call you back. We currently do not offer live phone support.
    • Will you let me know on the day of the visit? Once the subscription is arranged, we will let you know the schedule as well as provide a notification on the day of the visit.
    • How can I manage my details and invoices? We have an online order management system where you can log in, see before and after pictures, and change and update your details as needed. All invoices are sent to your email as well as available for download.


    • How will you take the payment? We will ask you to set up a Direct Debit, and payment will be automatically taken from your bank account upon completion of the visit.
    • How do I cancel the subscription? You can cancel your subscription anytime by simply sending us a request via email.

Our residential gardening team service is currently only available within a 7-mile radius from the CR4 3FH postcode.