Urban and Residential Gardening Services in London and Surrey

Whenever you need to cut those overgrown bushes or simply tidy up your garden

As we all know residential garden space and outside greenery  in London comes quite a premium, therefore we nurture every single patch and work to satisfy even the smallest needs of residents in London and Surrey. Grass Barbers gardening ninjas jump from garden to garden to cover entire sectors of full time living sites be it communal gardens, courtyards, roof terraces or outside balconies. We appreciate the responsibility given to us by busy home owners and do the best to maintain and bring back to life those gardens carefully designed to provide relaxed atmosphere to recharge after a long week or kick back with family over a barbecue.

The magic of creating a beautiful residential garden is proper and regular maintenance, which usually not only keeps your backdoors green but also saves you cash long term, as we all know how exhaustive and expensive can be overgrown garden clearance. Living in London usually means taking what the city has to offer and grabbing opportunities as they come. This usually means laborious tasks, such as grass cutting, litter collection, shrub pruning, weed removal and sweeping are put in the background. We understand that and our mission is to do all this work for you quickly and affordably, so you could put your effort where it really matters, be it family time or few extra hours to recharge over Netflix.

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Private Garden Maintenance Services

All around London and Surrey

Residential garden maintenance services by Grass Barbers in London and Surrey
  • Garden Clearance – for those that require one-off hassle free garden improvement.
  • Grass Cutting – get that lawn treated, so it looks lush and well manicured.
  • Weed Control – helps to keep flower beds fresh, tidy and clean.
  • Litter Collection – one the first steps we do to improve environment and prevent damage to machinery.
  • Shrub Pruning – to clear entrances and get your garden looking neater than ever.
  • Hedge Trimming – get them lined up proper and stop that neighbour moaning.
  • Tree Maintenance – trim canopies to allow natural light into your greenery.
  • Planting – breath freshness into your garden every season.
  • Fence Repairs – love privacy? We do too. Be it strong wind or age – we can replace those panels.
  • Lawn Care – moss and weeds took over your garden? We will refresh that lawn in no time.

Word is bond – we always deliver our promises…

Why do you need Grass Barbers in your garden life?

As we all know garden comes in different shapes and sizes, same thing can be said with our services, they are flexible and tailored to your specific needs. Does not matter if you are a small residential garden owner, landlord or a director of residents association we will make sure the project meets your specifications and budget.

Our teams also support numerous private and public care homes to help elderly and those less able to garden keep their outdoors in check.

If you’re a private tenant, don’t wait for you landlord to hire cheapest man and van “gardener”. Request your outdoors to be organised by a legal local professional gardening company. Most landlords are overwhelmed with property maintenance and have no time to look for proper gardening business so help them not to get caught on gumtree “gardeners”.

How do our gardening ninjas work..

What typically happens during a residential gardening visit?

  • Litter collection – each visit starts with careful litter collection from lawn, shrub and hedge areas.
  • Grass cutting – we bring our powerful and efficient grass cutting machinery to help us tackle overgrown grass.
  • Shrub pruning – choosing correct pruning techniques and correct time of the season to ensure healthy growth and flowering on-time.
  • Hand weeding – always proud to leave site clean, weeding flower beds and shrub borders is important part of every maintenance visit.
  • Sweeping – towards the end of the visit we sweep all the surrounding areas including steps, pavements and driveways.
  • The final touch of maintenance visit is to load all the produced green waste to our van, waste is later taken into local waste transfer station.

Looking for garden maintenance services in London or Surrey?

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