Project Summary

Description of Work

Grass Barbers Corporate team carried out another Landscape Maintenance visit in Mitcham CR4. We proudly provide routine maintenance visits to one of the leading Property Development companies in London.

This newly built residential site, located near Mitcham town centre, is a collection of freehold and leasehold properties. Grounds are beautifully landscaped and designed to be friendly to a wide variety of outdoor space users.

We know the set a date for dustbin collection each week, so our maintenance visit was scheduled a day after the bin collection. Using litter picker and biodegradable litter bags, operatives patrolled all maintained areas and collected litter. During the first hour of litter patrol, we collected four bags of litter. Once we finished litter collection, gardeners picked up a ride-on lawnmower, walk-behind lawnmower and the usual strimmer to cut the grass. All grass clipping were collected and loaded into our tipper van.

Seasonal and essential leaf collection followed and the next gardening task for the visit. Pretty much all the leaves from grass areas were removed during the grass cutting; however, some of the wet leaves had to be manually collected using leaf blowers and rakes.

Since the development of the site, some of the plants and flowers died, Grass Barbers gardeners removed diseased and dead plants using garden loppers, saws and spades. We estimated replanting works and proposed the planting services to our client.

During the visit, we used Grass Barbers workflow management system, which allowed operatives to upload photos, make visit notes, register their GPS location and measure visit time.

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