Project Summary

Description of Work

Grass Barbers residential gardening team was requested to carry out garden maintenance project in Tatsfield TN16. Large size of the garden means at least 8 working hours each month is required to maintain lawns and plants. As with every regular maintenance contract we ensure that annual garden maintenance plan is followed and allocated visit tasks are completed at highest standards.

Gardeners started the visit by removing children toys and garden trampoline away from the grass area, as grass cutting was number one task on the list. After unloading lawnmower and setting correct deck height we started with grass cutting. We changed cutting direction, which is done each tome during a cut to ensure grass is not just brushed same way, we actually cut no more than one third of the grass plant each cut – this is a proper grass cutting method every gardener should use!

While lawn mower operator started with straight stripes in the middle of the lawn (this helps getting the straightest possible cutting lines) strimmer operator started shaping edges and cutting grass in areas, where lawn mower was not able to access. After grass cutting was completed team set up number of watering sprinklers throughout the grass areas to water those just cut lawns. Both gardeners, we had on this project, then continued with shrub maintenance to carry out pruning and trimming as the shrubs were covering flower bed areas.

We had one additional service requested for this visit, which was to instal key-code garden gate lock to secure the back garden access. Once lock was installed, we collected all the shrub trimmings, loaded machinery back into into a van an d removed temporary watering systems. After all jobs completed wee carried out finishing checks, which is 10 points quality assurance checklist, to ensure all gardening procedures were followed.


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