Project Summary

Description of Work

Our gardening ninjas completed another residential grass cutting and gardening project in Selsdon CR2. Client decided to sell the house and asked our team to focus on gardening jobs that will increase value of the property. We suggested number of gardening tasks to be carried out during the visit and after agreed we started by spraying selective lawn weed killer to control broadleaf weeds in lawn.

Using rotary lawn mower gardeners mowed the lawn and collected all the grass clippings. Areas on banks and garden edges had to be strimmed as they were too steep for lawnmower access. Nasty brambles, weeds and self seeded tree sapling were establishing between ornamental plants and gave untidy look to the garden, so these were removed using hedge cutter and secateurs. Ivy, which was climbing up the garden fences and buildings was severed at the ground level, to stop it establishing and causing more structural damage. Moving to front garden our team shaped the evergreen hedge and trimmed it back from the driveway entrance. Weeds sprouting through the driveway slabs were sprayed with weed killer, to make sure root systems of the weeds will be treated to prevent re-establishment.

Using brush and blower we cleared all the hard surfaces, patios and driveway then collected all the trimmings and cuttings left around during our work on site. Gardeners checked both front and back garden to make sure that all work was completed. After locking back garden gates all machinery and rubbish bags were loaded onto a van and off we went to another gardening site in South London.

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