Project Summary

Description of Work

Busy young family based in Surrey requested for support gardening services on weekly basis. Caring for flower beds and spending time outside, during the weekends, is something our client loves doing himself, therefore operatives provided routine gardening services, that required expert knowledge and machinery.

Grass Barbers dedicated garden maintenance team attended weekly visit. The visit started with litter collection, leaf clearance to assess site for any potential debris, that could damage machinery or clients property.

Sloppy  lawns of Woldingham area required some specialised gardening equipment for bank mowing and lawn care. Flat manicured lawns were mowed using Hayter roller mower, which left lovely looking stripes. Banks and slopes maintained using lightweight and narrow push mower. We seasonally treat lawns to manage moss and weeds, which are the common problem of Woldingham area due to soil structure and drainage conditions. This garden has plenty of hedge and wild vegetation, which we will be managing on regular basis.

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