Project Summary

Description of Work

We sent our dedicated gardening ninjas to breath some life into back garden and cut back all the overgrown plants. Started the project by clearing the alley way, which is originally designed as the fire escape route, but was full of weeds and self seeded tree saplings, completely blocking the way. Starting at the back garden, we began with grass cutting and reduction of large leylandii hedge. Shaping and reducing the hedge not only increased the size of back garden, but also allowed more air and sunshine into the garden and plants. Large and woody Pyracantha shrub was reduced in size, one of the most important reason to do that was to get access to soil level where bindweed was establishing successfully for number of years. That horrible ivy creeping and damaging fences has been removed including the smallest particles of root material by screening the soil. We finished garden improvement project by applying grass seeds and lawn fertiliser on grass area to improve conditions and green up back garden. Mulch applied to soil acting as natural weed-stopper and preventing roots of plants during extremely dry or extremely cold weather conditions.

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