Project Summary

Description of Work

Garden clearance project in Wimbledon task was to connect interior of the house with garden. Using carefully chosen architectural garden plants we managed to create cosy outdoors room, which was at the back of the owner’s head for many years.

The task of this project was to deliver expert gardening services and improve shrub beds as well as current lawn conditions. We started the garden clearance project by removing unwanted plants, shaping shrubs and flowers, then trimming off the dead wood, which taken us the most of the time.

Loosening compacted soil was another task on the list. By adding some organic manure and slow-release fertiliser, we enriched soil conditions as well as fed the currently existing plants in the garden. The cherry on the cake was lawn edging, scarifying, aeration and over-seeding. Cutting back shrubs not only allowed more sunlight into back garden but also increased the size of the garden.

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