Project Summary

Description of Work

We sent our gardening team to carry out clearance of small residential garden in Sutton SM3. Home owner is actually a retired single lady, who used to spend countless hours to keep up with her gardening needs, but due to health condition she was unable to do it herself anymore.

Our gardening experts had to access back garden through the long alleyway between neighbouring houses and accessed the garden through the garage at the back, which was a bit unusual. First, and most important job, was to cut overgrown grass and strim edges all around the garden. Big Fir tree planted right in the middle of the garden was growing out of control, therefor obstructing that view into the garden and caused serious safety concern for the client.

We removed the tree, shaped shrubs, trimmed back brambles and bindweed. Using spade we pulled out the root materials of the bamboo plant, which was emerging from one of the neighbouring gardens. Once half of the garden was cleared gardeners set up watering sprinklers as it helps boosting the growth of freshly cut lawn.

Grass Barbers gardening team was equipped with all the tools and equipment required to carry out garden clearance project and once finished all machinery had to be removed from the site by loading it onto a dedicated vehicle.

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