Project Summary

Description of Work

Another garden clearance project in South Croydon CR2 successfully completed by Grass Barbers. This extra large garden was created of various split levels. As it was designed back in the day, gardening trends were completely different from trendy landscaping designs nowadays. Back garden can be reached by long set of steps, where all the beauty was hiding.

After completing a few warm-up runs along those long steps we’ve got all the required machinery and were able to start the gardening visit. Two gardeners grabbed a lawnmower, strimmer and made their way to the back of the garden. While the lawnmower operator mowed lawns in various levels of the garden another gardener shaped lawn edges using half-moon lawn edger. After lawn mowing and care was finished gardeners brought in the long reach hedge trimmer and shaped tall hedges as well as trimmed shrubs and bushes. While collecting clippings we decided to clear weeds from overgrown flower bed. This required hand-held weed-hoe and 52 steps later we were able to continue on final weed removal task for this visit.

We kept the privacy in check by maintaining hedges, the leaves dropped by mature trees were causing issues, which prevented growth of flora underneath them. After clearing all the leaves lawn has revealed beautiful seasonal flowers

We used our secure card machine to take the payment from the client on-site and left leaving customer with a smile on their face.

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