Project Summary

  • Price

    £228 + VAT (Material charge only).

  • Time

    4 Hours

Description of Work

The regeneration project in Mitcham contacted Grass Barbers with request to help improve lawns around Mitcham Fair Green. All the time during local town centre improvements, vehicles used grass area for parking and caused damaged to lawn surface, therefore Merton Council asked Grass Barbers to step in with advice on how to repair lawns and prevent areas from further damages.

After collecting all the litter, which was left around after all the festive celebrations, we ordered 4 tones of high quality top soil and levelled the areas. Grass was seeded to match the surrounding areas and our landscaping team advised local authorities as well as construction team to install parking posts, which prevented future damages to lawns and improper use of the grass areas.

We also noticed that local residents we using lawn areas reach nearby shops and public transport, therefore we  suggested to review pathway plans and create user friendly systems of pavements and leisure areas.

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