Project Summary

Description of Work

Residential grass cutting and garden maintenance project in Purley CR8. The garden is located on sloping landscapes of Surrey. Garden is surrounded by beautiful privet hedge, which we trimmed and reduced. Lawns were struggling to grow and were patchy, so during a visit we treated the weeds and applied lawn fertiliser to improve soil conditions and promote healthy growth.

Gardeners planted small lavender hedge to cover concrete gravel boards, which were installed during fence replacement service.After stripping area of lawn against the fence, we prepared soil, applied organic manure and planted the flowers provided by the client.

Some serious digging was required to prepare the soil as it was clay based soil in most places. Large dry patch of grass found in front garden, so it was repaired by aerating, over-seeding and feeding the exhausted patch. What clients loved about this project was the lavender plants, which were supplied completely free of charge as we reused them from another project. These were scavenged during another landscaping project in London, where we had to remove them and replace them with different kind of flowers.

After quality check at the end of the visit gardeners swept all pavements and driveway to remove litter and debris, all weeds were sprayed using weed killer. All the maintenance details were saved onto database for archiving and assessment.

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