Project Summary

Description of Work

Another local gardening maintenance project in Ewell SM2 completed by Grass Barbers. Clients were a retired family, actively enjoying their lives by travelling and exploring the world. While they were flying or cruising around the planet our gardeners took the very best care of their garden.

Without any questions asked clients were absolutely confident our team will always arrive on site at a predetermined day and hour of the week. Not only we do all the work we should but we also keep an eye on the property by always securing the gate and checking for signs of property damage from outsiders. Each time our garden completed the same set of gardening tasks to keep the garden looking good and tidy.

Gardeners started this project by strimming lawn edges and clearing any seasonal leaf fall and dead flowers. Using push mower with a rear roller they cut the grass which left nice and straight stripes on the lawn. We carefully adjusted grass cutting height and also mowed the lawn in diagonal direction to the previous cut. This ensures the grass is always growing upwards, instead of continuously being push down to the ground. Once grass cutting was completed lawn watering sprinklers were set up to water the lawn in order to keep it fresh and healthy.

Gardeners started shaping shrubs, hedges and flowers by starting in front of the garden and moving towards the back of the garden. We paid extra attention to cables tangled into the hedges as no-one wants security alarms to be activated or internet connection lost if gardeners cut through those cables.

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