Project Summary

Description of Work

Residential garden maintenance project in Caterham CR3 completed on behalf of multiple house owner. Client used Grass Barbers services to maintain various residential gardens and private roads all throughout South London and Surrey for number of years.

During this maintenance gardeners mower lawns, shaped the edges of grass areas, repaired damaged lawns, deadheaded flowers, pruned buddleia and trimmed climbing wall plants. We also suggested lawn treatment package to improve grass condition, which was accepted and them implement at later stage. A couple of beautiful flower pots located near main entrance of the house were tidied up and shaped so they would look pleasing to the eye. Large bush of bamboo was trimmed on top, in order to allow more light to get into re-planted flower beds and borders.

After quality checklist the decking was swept and litter collected to prevent any drainage blockages. Leaves piling against the house walls were raked into the pile and removed using leaf collectors to be disposed at local recycling centre.

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