Project Summary

Description of Work

Private landlord noticed one of the Grass Barbers teams working nearby, he contacted us with enquiry to improve garden within approximate budget of £300. The reason to clear the garden was sale of the house, therefore main focus of service was to get front and back garden as clean and as attractive as possible to increase overall value of the house for relatively tiny budget.

This garden jungle clearance project in Bexleyheath required some specialised machinery. Team started the visit by clearing brambles, ivy and self-seeded tree saplings, which can potentially be more harmful to the building structures than even the famous Japanese Knotweed. Armed with powerful brush-cutters, chainsaws and rakes, our gardening ninjas chopped down all the unwanted vegetation. The area also have taken advantage of our PA1/PA6 NPTC Licensed Herbicide application service, which was used to ensure that weeds in gravel area and pavements are permanently removed at the root level.

Cheap overgrown garden clearance project successfully completed in 6 Hours, leaving site accessible, attractive and safe. All collected and bagged green waste was taken to local and government approved waste transfer station.

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