Project Summary

Description of Work

The owner of commercial business centre has heard about our corporate grounds maintenance service and asked us to evaluate their site for improvement works. Commercial gardening team arrived on-site and advised client on the cost-effective way to improve grounds surrounding the business premises.

Priority was given to hedges, which were overgrown and were partly reaching out into neighbouring gardens. Using pole pruners, saws and bypass loppers we reduced the height and cut back overhanging branches back the the fence line. Heavy and bulky hedge cuttings were piled straight into tipper vans for removal to disposal centre.

Nasty weeds had to be carefully were removed as they were establishing between pavement blocks. We also scheduled future herbicide application date to make sure regrowth is minimised. By stopping weed reproduction cycle we allowed business centre to make sure all parking spaces and pavements are free of weeds for a numbers of years to come.

We then tackled brambles and bindweed inside the shrubs, fences and hedges. It was important to not only remove the visible parts but also ensure root material is eliminated to prevent re-establishment. At the end of the visit gardeners cleaned all the hard surfaces using powerful blowers, brooms and dust shovels. As usual after final quality check, we loaded all the tools and left onto a next one.

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